Spring is around the corner! It’s time to start preparing.

If you’re traveling for Spring Break, this is an especially good time to start the clothing turnover process!

Staying on track prevents the accumulation of excess clothing and apparel around the home.

For adults:

  • Get rid of winter clothing you didn’t wear
  • Get rid of winter gear you didn’t wear (like extra jackets and scarves)
  • Look at spring clothing – get rid of things you can’t see yourself wearing
  • Same goes for shoes – take inventory and downsize extras!

For kids:

  • Start a donate pile of worn-out clothing
  • Handing down to siblings? Start to pack away most of their winter clothing now. Click to see my favorite clear bins and bin labels!
  • Take note of what spring/summer items are needed (garage sale season!)
  • Stay tuned for tips and reminders regarding full winter turnover for kids!

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