1. Downsize holiday décor NOW.

Consider donating what you didn’t use last year and what you don’t think you’ll use next year.

(Unless it’s a few special ornaments that the kids made – always a fan of hanging onto some of those!)

2. Organize your “junk” drawer.

Only KEEP what you actually use! Toss the rest.

3. Go through your toiletries.

TOSS expired products!

My goal for 2022 was not to buy ANY new products – to just use up what I already had. And I did it!! It’s possible.

4. Donate clothes you didn’t wear in 2022.

If it’s not a go-to item, what’s it doing still in your closet?

Donations are TAX WRITE-OFFS!

5. The freezer… Toss what you won’t eat!


Don’t let food accumulate or it may just get lost and go to waste.

Keep inventory to a low. LABEL YOUR SHELVES!

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